Why Cohesion?

Built with Microsoft technologies, Cohesion helps public and private sector organisations meet their content, collaboration and information needs. Available as a service from Intergen and offering a choice of private, government and public cloud platforms, Cohesion provides a secure, easy to use, enterprise-grade service that’s accessible from anywhere.

Cohesion offers a highly collaborative and rich user experience, in which compliance and records management processes are handled in the background. This means the burden of data organisation and classification is borne seamlessly by the application instead of by the user.

Cohesion features:

Enhanced compliance

With in-built governance, you can rest assured your information and processes are meeting all regulatory requirements.

Rapid deployment

Cohesion leverages the Microsoft stack, which makes it fast to implement and familiar and intuitive to use

Centralised, efficient document storage

Retain all your documentation in an easy to use, reliable SharePoint directory.

Proven cost savings

Reduce administration and processing time by helping your people work more effectively on a daily basis. Plus, switch your document management costs to a more cost-effective, service-based model.

User enablement

Achieve effective digital transformation with a solution that offers exceptional functionality and a rich user experience.

Enhanced collaboration and productivity

Cohesion increases efficiency while utilising your existing Microsoft licences, which also provides vital cost and resource efficiencies.

Rigorous security

Cohesion leverages Microsoft Azure services for data protection services to provide enterprise grade security.

More flexible ways of working

As it’s cloud-based, Cohesion can be accessed from any secure device – meaning your people can work wherever they need to.

Case Studies

Backing the digital transformation of New Zealand organisations

Right now, organisations are faced with more demands than ever – whether it’s public sector agencies under pressure to improve the services and support they offer or private sector organisations faced with the need to stay ahead amongst fierce competition. As part of this, investing in new digital, cloud-based solutions – which can significantly improve productivity, compliance and security – is becoming imperative.

However, for many organisations, it can be hard to know where to start, or which technology initiative to prioritise. This is where Intergen’s Cohesion service can help – offering you a highly secure, compliant and effective way to transform your information management and start your digital transformation journey.

To find out more about the journeys some of our clients have taken with Cohesion as their core transformational platform, you can read their stories here.


How does Cohesion work?

Why Intergen?

When you choose to partner with Intergen, you benefit from our:

Microsoft expertise

We work exclusively with Microsoft technologies and have the largest team of Microsoft experts in the Southern Hemisphere.

Public sector experience

We currently provide enterprise content management solutions, as a service, to more than 10,000 government users.

Support & service

Cohesion is managed and supported for a monthly fee, with service extensions to meet your needs.

Rapid implementation

We can implement your solution quickly and accurately, based on your unique requirements.

With digital transformation high on the New Zealand government’s agenda, agencies and departments of all sizes are under pressure to revolutionise their services, processes and ways of working.

So what should the priorities be? And where should they start? In this whitepaper, the experienced team at Intergen share their thoughts on best practice technology initiatives for government, and what it takes to achieve true digital transformation.

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